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Any athlete can register for Cherrybrook Little Athletics, as long as they are a minimum of 5 years old and a maximum of 16 years old by the 31 December 2018. This is subject to any limitations placed by the Committee on overall registrations for the season. Whether late registrations will be accepted will depend on the age group size and overall Centre numbers. There is an exemption for U17s only. Please refer to age group details below.

Registration finalisation days:

Finalisation of Registrations for the 2018/2019 season  (and uniform sales) will take place at The Clubhouse, Lower Greenway Oval, Shepherds Drive, Cherrybrook every Friday competition nights including the coaching night on 7th September from 5.30pm.

Registration Process:

Step 1: Register Online (from 1 August 2018)

All registrations must be completed and PAID ONLINE on the LANSW on-line System.

LANSW Online registration button

If re–registering, your username/password will be sent prior via email.

When registering online it is very important that you select the correct button to register through:

  • “Renew your membership” – This is to register 1 or more athletes who have been registered before with Cherrybrook Little Athletics centre. This button should also be used for families where they have a mixture of renewing & new members.
  • “Join New Members” – this is to register 1 or more athletes who have never done Little Athletics before.
  • “Changing Centres” – Use this if you wish to register with Cherrybrook Little Athletics centre but you have previously been registered with another centre. If you were previously registered with another club you must contact LANSW on 9633 4511 to have your records transferred BEFORE trying to register.

For step by step guidance for the online registration system click here.

Step 2: Forms

Print and complete the following 3 forms and hand them in on Registration Finalisation Day.

Medical Form

print & complete – 1 form for each athlete

WWC Button

Print 1 Working with Children Declaration form/per adult assisting on Friday night, complete & bring accompanied with photo id


Volunteer Commitment form button

print & complete – 1 per family (See Parent Volunteer Commitment Statement)

Step 3: Sign up for your Parent duty roster

Cherrybrook LA's Parent Duty Roster Button

Step 4: Identification

If registering for the first time bring either an ORIGINAL birth certificate or current passport for each child.

Things to Consider:

Parent Responsibilities:

Cherrybrook Little Athletics is run entirely by its members and other volunteers and we need your help and support to run the Centre nights efficiently. All member athletes MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian each Friday night and that person will need to assist in some way.

Age Group:
Age Groups have changed! It is now based on age turning in the calendar year of registration. Work out the Age Group for you child using the Age Groups table. The only exemption this year is for second year under 17s where their birth date is in between 31-Oct-2001 to 31-Dec-2001 who are still entitled to register for the 2018-19 season.

Uniforms are compulsory and can be purchased on Registration Finalisation Day (from Friday 7 September) or via the website.

Dual Athletes – U12 and up:
If you are looking to compete with both Little Athletics and a senior ANSW club then you will choose your Seniors Club (ANSW club) during the registration for Little Athletics. A drop down box will show for you to select the Seniors club you wish to join. You will then be issued with 2 numbers by the Little Athletics club – they will both be the same number. You will use 1 number to attach to your Little Athletics uniform and then the other one to attach to your Seniors uniform. If you are doing both for the same club then you will just attach both numbers (back & front) to your Little Athletics uniform.

Can I try Little Athletics before I register?
New Members who have never done Little Athletics before can trial for 2 weeks to see if they enjoy it. This year we are holding trial weeks on Friday 21 September and Friday 28 September. You may attend both of these weeks. There will be no availability to trial on any other week. If you wish to Trial you just need to turn up on the appropriate Friday evening and sign in as a Trial member with the Registrar in the clubhouse.

Please also print, complete & bring with you a medical form for each child. There is a link to this form in the above registration checklist. The Fee to Trial is $30 (cash only) which is non-refundable, but will be refunded in cash when you collect your registration numbers if you decide to join. The Trial fee covers both weeks of the trial.

You are not required to buy uniform until you decide to join the club but please wear appropriate clothing and shoes for the trial period.

Season Fees & Family Rates:

Please remember that in accordance with LANSW policy, registration fees are non-refundable regardless of the reason, so if you are not sure whether you want to do Little Athletics, and you have not done it before, then it may be advisable to do a Trial first – see details in the “Can I try Little As before I register?” section later. Please note that Family discounts will ONLY apply if all members of the family register at the same time, using the relevant Family membership category. Any family members joining at a later date will have to pay the rate for a single athlete ($175).

FAMILY SIZE Register & Pay Online
1 little athlete $175
2 little athlete $315
3 little athlete $430
4 little athlete $545
5 little athlete $640
6 little athlete $735
7 little athlete $830

If you have any further questions with regards to registrations please contact the Registrar Shoba Ramaraj on 0404 674 405 or by email:

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